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Rampage - Campfire Smores

Rampage by King Kong Vape Juice is a premium e-liquid that is here to bring the deliciously sweet and toasty flavour of fluffy marshmallows and crumbly, buttery biscuits into your life. Only the finest ingredients from across the world are used to deliver this instant classic from the King King Vape Juice dessert range.

Kikonga - Key Lime Pie

On inhale you will taste the divine pairing of rich, thick cream and fresh, tangy lime followed by an exhale of crumbly, buttery biscuits.

Titano - Apple Pie

On inhale you will taste the fresh sweetness of the baked fruits along with a subtle hint of cinnamon spiciness, followed by an exhale of the delicate but rich, flaky pie crust.

Bamboo - Cola Float

Praised as the “best summer vape”, Bamboo delivers impressive flavour and is a favourite of many.
On the inhale you will taste the perfect, traditional cola taste and the sweet warmness of the vanilla, followed by a subtle but refreshing mint undertone. The classic trio of flavours makes for a truly delightful vape juice.

Gorilla - Blueberry Pancake

On inhale you will taste the warmness of fresh-baked blueberries, bubbling with syrupy goodness, followed by an exhale of a deliciously sweet and silky and pancake batter.
The ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure a truly superior blueberry pancake experience.