Cassadaga Classics Bundle 60 ml
Cassadaga Classics Bundle 60 ml
Cassadaga Classics Bundle 60 ml

Cassadaga Classics Bundle 60 ml

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Massachusetts-based and New Jersey-born, John Nathan began vaping in 2009. It quickly turned into a hobby and obsession for him, and by 2011 he had begun creating eliquids for his own personal use.

It wasn’t until 2015, though, that he thought to bring them to market, and began experimenting with more complex blends, and never-before-seen flavor profiles. After months of developing what was supposed to be the base for a different pastry flavor, John stumbled upon a happy accident.  

The base he had created tasted EXACTLY like a popular Italian dessert, the Cannoli, and thus, the first Cassadaga Liquids flavor was born, with more delicious flavors soon to follow.

Cassadaga - Cannoli Be One 

A yummy cannoli shell filled with sweet vanilla multi-layers of cream. A must try!

Cassadaga - Cannoli Be Mine 

Cannoli Be Mine by Cassadaga Liquids presents the sweet rendention of the original Cannoli masterpiece, a delectable cookie crust injected with multi-layered cream filling with strawberry drizzling down its sides.

Cassadaga - Cannoli Be Reserve 

Many have asked for the original Cannoli Be One with a decadent chocolate chip coating. Finally, after months of extensive testing we believe to have crafted a perfect and light cocoa addition to the best-selling Cannoli Be One. Imagine Cannoli Be One with a cookies and cream shell.

Cassadaga - Cannoli Be Nuts 

Cannoli Be Nuts is a take on the original Cannoli Be One with the added essence of chopped pistachios with a delicious and slightly nutty undertone.